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SHHH... Sneek peek at the next record
Release date TBA

A demo from the new record.

Remember The Future EP
Released December 2002 on Arena Rock Records

"It's Creeper Lagoon's most satisfying offering yet, and if it's any indication of what's to come, the future will indeed be worth remembering." - Rolling Stone
"A perfect mesh of melody and heartbreak" - Billboard

1. So Little To Give
(as featured in the award winning film Dandelion)
2. The Way It Goes
3. There's a New Girl (check out the live version on KEXP here: live version)
4. Kisses And Pills
5. Crisis

We gave away this entire EP for free for about a year, and over the last couple months something happened and we started seeing over a 2000 downloads a day. This wiped us out financially, and we just don't have the money for that kind of bandwidth. Money has never been our strong suit. You can now listen to the tracks on MySpace, and if you like them you can purchase them on iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch, Rhapsody and most other online music providers. Proceeds from the sale of these tracks go directly to the band, so go for it.

If you already have these tracks and just want to lend a hand to our recording efforts please feel free to throw a dime in the tip jar. Much love, CL

Creeper Tribute Album - This is just a tribute

Creeper songs as covered by regulars of the Creeper Message Board

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The Compleat Creeper

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You can also purchase our songs at iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch, and Rhapsody...etc.

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